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Should a Client’s Main Website Publish a Blog Daily?

[dropcap background=”” color=”” circle=”0″]M[/dropcap]any SEO experts claim that those who publish a frequently will earn more leads than those who only post weekly or monthly.

With the recent and upcoming algorithmic changes Google pushes, I think this can be a mistake. Overall, without a clear path of content marketing, you may be just spinning your wheels. A daily blog can become an enormous source of your leads, but if you don’t have a definite plan – you can hurt your organic rankings.


Google’s Newest Algorithm Update

Dubbed by the industry, RankBrain, is a new major algorithm update that utilizes machine learning to contribute to the “3rd most influential ranking factor (Source Moz)”. This will have a profound impact on the ranking of your websites, so much so, that the machine learning will rank websites on its own.


Publishing Frequently May Become Problematic

Assuming you’re having a third-party, or freelancer write these posts, it may lead be fruitless or even worse. One of the problems we’ve found is the lack of unique blog topics. We’ve found that after auditing several of our older websites, we’ve missed the fact we’ve already published an article on the same subject or nearly the same subject.

We’ve found that after auditing several of our older websites, we’ve missed the fact we’ve already published an article on the same topic or nearly the same topic.

Google will not like this, but can be an issue if your writer is forced to come up with blogs on a daily or weekly basis. A freelance writer may not know the negative SEO impacts from continually writing about a particular topic.

Should Schedule Writing For Six Months to 12 Months

You should write for a purpose, don’t just write to write because some expert told you to. The reason to write a post should be apparent, and if it’s not, then don’t write it. Write because you’re aggressively targeting that particular industry in your region.

Write to offer value. Write to educate your visitors who will want to read the post.

  • Educate Visitors on Specific Issue
    • ‘Things to review after a car accident before you contact a personal injury lawyer’ – Legal Marketing
  • Publish an FAQ that requires a detailed explanation
  • Write on Trends

Caveats on Writing For Value

  • Be realistic – Don’t try to target a hard difficult to target keyword, if your site doesn’t warrant it. Launching websites last week, mean you won’t be able to rank for, ‘discount breast implants’  or ‘Los Angeles plastic surgery.’ Try targeting a smaller, and thus, more obtainable keyword. Try,  ‘Affordable Orange CA Plastic Surgeons’ or ‘affordable breast implant surgeons in Southern California.’ By writing a high-quality post on procedures you provide, you can create a path to reach your target with minimal effort.
  • High Quality is a Must – You don’t have to write a topic that nobody has written before, but you must write high quality. High-quality content does not cost $9 per article, nor is it scalable. It’s hard work, which requires a significant cost in time and money, but will have the highest ROI.

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