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7 Amazing SEO Tips for Plastic Surgeons in 2017

You wanted them, here they are – SEO tips for cosmetic practices to grow their traffic. Simple SEO tactics and fixes that you should see an increase in search engine referral traffic from.

Here are simple SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to boost your practice’s traffic. If you’re not using these tactics then you’re missing out on highly valuable targeted traffic.

Keep your practice competitive via aggressive cosmetic SEO and get more patients this year.

Compress Images = Make them Load Quicker.

TinyPNG Sample Image Compression

Compress your images, but not to the point of hurting the resolution of the images. This is one of the simplest fixes for many websites, but it’s a rule they are consistently breaking. There are a ton a free and paid tools to compress images out there, but we like TinyPNG.

Why: We’re living in a mobile world. People, especially those looking for your cosmetic services can be looking for them on the road, in class, or waiting for the latest movie to start. Their internet connection may not be the best (read, WiFi), so focusing on website’s speed is crucial. Smaller image sizes mean faster loading times, and more usability.

Be Keen With Your Site’s Structure

Never put too many directories on your website (ie. This example is way too many folders deep, especially for somebody who is interested in your services. Keep it simple and intuitive.

If you need help, contact a professional who can reorganize your site, without losing keyword rankings.

Why: It’s easier for your users to know where they’re at, and where they need to go. Don’t make your site’s structure convoluted. It’ll be easier for search engines to categorize and group your content.

Highly Clickable Title Tags & Description

Spending time writing, testing, and optimizing your site’s title tags and descriptions will have a huge impact on CTR (click through rate) immediately. Writing more attractive copy will help you increase your chances of potential patients clicking your website on the SERP (search engine results pages).

Why: Higher CTR from the SERP will have a dramatic and positive impact on your traffic and SEO.

Make Your Site Load Faster

Upgrade Your Hosting

Still using shared hosting for your practice? This is hurting your site drastically and it’s time to stop. By using VPS or dedicated hosting you can experience faster load times through a more powerful  setup.

Also, it’s never good to compromise your site’s reliability on $7/month hosting.

Quick Charge Your Web Server

Using Apache still? Try Nginx. It’s a faster web server, which is going to help with TTFB (time to first byte, a measure of the site’s speed).

Use PHP 7

Use the latest version of PHP, it will help your wordpress site load faster. Using WordPress, can be very server-intensive with many concurrent server pulls on your plugins, theme, images, and files.

Important: Keep your plugins up to date. Delete the plugins that you no longer use.

Use a CDN

Using a CDN is now a standard for anybody in any competitive industry. If you’re one of our clients in plastic and cosmetic industry, you’ll need this.

Learn more about what a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is and how it can benefit your business. There are a ton of options when choosing a CDN, please do your research.

Why: Keeps your site fast-loading. You know how you perform better with a cup of coffee? It’s like your site guzzling coffee 24/7.  It’s also very affordable, like the price of a cup of coffee or two, per month.


secure image - chromeKeep your visitor’s trust. Don’t burn them, especially if you’re asking for their contact information. Giving your visitors any reason not to request further information is just bad business.

SSL is also a ranking signal for your site. Give your site’s SEO a real boost by having SSL.

Why: Because Google wants you too. Watch this video on how to implement SSL.

BONUS TIP: Copywriting

Want to get more from the traffic you have? Try having a professional copywriter go over your existing content to optimize for your practice goals.

Professional Yet Aggressive SEO Services for Cosmetic Surgeons

If your need more tips on boosting your website’s traffic, contact us today. See how we can increase your practice’s business today by implementing industry-best SEO standards.

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